December 07, 2013

Evald had never been to the theatre before we went to see Nøtteknekkeren (the Nutcracker) on Trøndelag Teater, the main stage here in trondheim. the Nutcracker is a well known ballet that is shown before christmas on stages all over the world, and Trøndelag Teater's take on it is a musical with ballet elements. watching theatre can be challenging for a child's patience, and i must say i was a bit nervous that Evald would get tired after the first act. it turned out i had nothing to worry about. the show was amazing! the costumes, the music, the humour written in to the dialogues. everything! we got carried away and loved every minute. the whole evening was kind of special. we dressed up in nice clothes, and had a soda in the sophisticated surroundings that does the Theatre Cafe before we found our seats. after the show we bought a cd with all of the songs we'd just heard, which we even got signed by the two child actors from the play. it's incredible to think of those two, going on stage night after night all through december. we fell in love with Marie and Fritz. and if we could, we would go and see them again. (we actually did try to get tickets for the Royal Ballet in Copenhagen's version so we could re-live the story). conclusion: next time your local theatre puts up a family show, go! teach the little ones to be an audience. let them be part of the collective excitement of applauding and laughing. i've never been a great fan of the theatre. Knut likes it, his brother likes it even more. well, the Nutcracker on Trøndelag Teater has changed me. theatre tickets. that is my only suggestion for presents this year.