December 02, 2013


this season has a special calmness about it that we love. yesterday was not only the first of december, but also the first sunday of advent. i was a bit tired as my mother and i was awake until the break of dawn the night before, drinking red wine and wrapping small chocolate gifts and books for Mikkel and Evald’s calendars. we had planned to go and watch the chistmas decorated streets in the city center, but the windy and wet weather kept us inside eating clementines instead. we have hung our stockings up and lit the first of the four candles. Evald still belives in santa, and i almost do as well. nothing gets to me like christmas. oh happiness, joy and silent nights. let’s get started! we need to plan what to bake, what to buy, where to go and what to eat. but this planning is not the stressfull kind. with all it’s evenings spent at home, the waiting and the dreaming, this is most definitly our favourite time of year. it’s family time.

third picture: my mother made the white calendar for Mikkel when he was little, and when Evald was born we bought the blue one at a second hand store. every morning now the kids hurry out of bed to open the little sweet treats. makes me smile that even our teenage boy becomes a child again when the holidays are getting closer.


  1. that calendar is a beauty! congrats to your mom!

  2. thank you! i will let her know :-)

  3. Så fint og hyggeligt, det hele!

  4. Jeg har fire hyasinter i hus :) Gleder meg til de spretter og sprer sin gode duft.

    Og du. Her er en fin blogg som du vil like. Sett den før??


    1. hyasinter, det er julestemning det. tusen takk for blogg-tips. har ikke sett den før og er veldig glad for å bli oppmerksom på den. ha en skjønn uke :-)!