August 27, 2013

autumn is my favourite. a fresh start it feels like. being from the north i like the colder weather. and being a foodie i love what fall has to offer of fruit and vegetables. yesterday we had pasta with zucchini and tomatoes that we have been growing ourselves. needless to say they tasted like heaven on earth. even if the busyness is overtaking us, we find time in the morning and evening to lit candles and eat together. also we have started something new. every monday after dinner we're having family meetings where we talk about the week to come. we take turns in speaking and make plans based on our different needs. the kids really love the opportunity to share what's important for them and for us grown ups it's nice to get some list writing done. Knut is all about his iphone, but i want a new journal

lately i've felt uninspired when it comes to taking photos, but i did smile when i found these old ones from happy days in cranckled sheets. 


  1. Autumn is my favourite too but here we have to wait...
    so nice idea your monday meetings!!

  2. the light changes you in autumn you know. makes everything look so soft and cozy :-). and thank you, actually it's working reslly good. now i can answer 'let's talk about it on monday' if i feel i don't have the time to listen properly. have a nice weekend, Anna!