July 13, 2013

Hi – I’m Inger Marie. I’m an art historian and at the moment I work with art, design and interior as a freelancer. I live in Copenhagen with my husband and our two kids. We love our city. Especially during summer when everything is tuning down and life is more slow and relaxed. You meet people in the streets, and stop for a chat or a coffee. When Lena and Knut asked me to pick out three places to recommend in Copenhagen I thought it would be easy, but then I realized that we have so many favourite spots, and I had a hard time choosing. The past days I have been biking around with my camera (because this is what you do here, bike around). I have been lucky with the sunny weather and the jazz festival, and I fell in love with my city again, seeing it with a renewed focus and considering what others might like and find interesting…  

CaféSweet Treat is a tiny café in one of the oldest preserved parts of Cph, Christianshavn. We used to live just around the corner from the café and still live nearby. There is a local and very relaxed feeling in this part of the city, and when you come here you must avoid all the bigger coffee shop chains that are located by the main square and instead find your way to one of the smaller side streets where Sweet Treat is situated. The coffee is good, the staff is sweet and the sun is somehow always shining in this little street. If you want to sit inside, the interior is cosy, whimsical and a little messy in a very good way. And if you want to eat lunch  they make the best rye bread sandwiches! A real bonus is all the jazz concerts that the café arranges and hosts – at this very moment “rendestensjazz”/”curb side jazz”, small intimate jazz concerts in the very beautiful backyards of the neighbour buildings.

Attraction: Sofiebadet is also situated at Christianshavn and is a historical site in itself. The place is originally an old public bath dating back to times when people didn’t have their own bathrooms at home. It was run for almost a 100 years in this way before it was closed down. But then, a couple of years later it was reopened by a group of enthusiastic locals, now restored in the most beautiful way with great care for the original interior and according to environmentally sound principles. Today most of the original interior still remains – the tiles, the marble, the copper fixtures and the bathtubs are all very beautiful details. Sofiebadet is a peaceful, quiet and beautiful place to make a stop and take a bath and see a slightly different historical glimpse of Copenhagen. If you come as a group you can book the baths in advance and literally have the place on your own. I have visited it with my little daughter and it was a cosy way to spend an afternoon with her in the tub. I come for the beautiful tiles and the interior – but Sofiebadet also has a hamman. 

Shop: When I come to this part of Cph (Vesterbro) I always have to stop by Dora at Værnedamsvej. The shop has this very perfect blend of carefully chosen new design, handmade objects and vintage finds. Dora is owned and run by mum and daughter and they have a keen eye for delicate details, materials, textures, and both timeless and more offbeat design. The corner shop was once a (rather uncharming) drug store but the two ladies have peeled off layer by layer and the room is now rough and industrial in its appearance, mixed up with the unique and delicate goods. Here you always will find something new to look at and the interior is never exactly the same. The street, Værnedamsvej, where the shop is situated, is a favourite in itself with its many specialty shops, delis and cafés. 
Well, my three picks are in no way definitive – there are so many places, and streets and corners and hidden treasures around here that you must come and discover yourselves.
Find Sweet Treat here - Sankt Annæ Gade 3a, 1416 København K
Find Sofiebadet here - Sofiegade 15 A-B, 1418 København K
Find Dora here - Værnedamsvej 6, 1619 København V

all photos are taken by Inger Marie from finurlig which is one of our favourite blogs. thanks for sharing your personal choices with us. we can't wait to check them out.


  1. Hi Inger Marie, nice to find you here at this lovely blog :) Your tips sound and look all great!

    1. Saskia - so good to hear! And do come to Cph - we also have nice bookshops here!

  2. Such a great match with teaktrayweekdays and finurlig : )

    1. Yes, thank you! It has been so much fun making this post :-)

  3. that's a pity I didn't see this post earlier because we just came back from Denmark !
    I would have been happy to discover these places !
    next time :)

  4. such a pity! well, as you say, next time. we didn't get to visit sofiebadet. but we've also decided to do that next time.

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