June 16, 2013

since Knut was going away for the weekend we agreed on what record to blog about in our sunday post before he left. today i realized that we had made a bad choice because listening to the sad tunes on the National's latest album made me miss my baby like crazy. come home! but it is a good one, Trouble Will Find Me. though i can't decide if i like High Violet, their previous release, better. there's a lot of flea markeds these days. maybe we could host one in our backyard.....with a cake and lemonade stand! anyone care to join in?


  1. I would love to join your flea market - bur I guess Copenhagen is a little too far away ;-) Hvor er lampefoden fin!

  2. would have been so nice if you could join in :-). lampefoten er kjempe fin, takk! turkis er så skjønn en farge sammen med teak.

  3. Yeah, sure! when do I book tickets ;-)

    1. great!maybe you can help out with the cake stand then :-)

  4. at least i will make sure to take some pictures for you to look at :)