December 26, 2014


celebrating the holidays in spain is of course very different from what we are  used to. for starters is the climate much warmer than up north. and besides that the quiet time which means christmas in scandinavia doesn't really exist here, as the streets and plazas filles up with people chatting and kids playing ball when work and school is off. we love showing the kids how life can be in other places, but our main reason for bringing three suitcases stuffed with gifts and travel far away from our home is that we needed some time alone just the four of us. Mikkel, who is a teenager for real these days, doesn't often have time to spend with the rest of us in our everyday life, but being here brings us closer and so far we already had a couple of relaxed days together. besides a short trip to Puerto Portals we have been staying in our studio apartment, but tomorrow i think it's time for some exploring. we hope that all of you have a wonderful time and that santa has brought you what you wished for.

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