July 06, 2014

located in the surbubs of copenhagen, in the middle of a wonderful park called Dyrehaven, you can find a small tivoli called Bakken (the world's oldest existing amusement park). not many tourists find their way out here, which means the queues are more friendly. this one might not be as classy as the more famous attraction in the city centre. but it isn't as expensive either. we started our visit by taking a horse carriage ride through the woods, and hours of fun rides later, we ended up in a cozy tavern, stuffing ourselves with classic danish courses as herring and tartar of course in company with snaps and small beers. the kids absolutely loved it, and us grown ups was pretty amused too. i'm not a big fan of theme parks and such, as primary color overload has a quite negative effect on me. but this time it was the perfect destination. perfect weather, perfect children, perfect surprise quality to it, and a perfect summer tip to pass on to you guys. so whenever in the big city with some time on your hands, take the train a bit further north and be part of the danish way for a day. as a bonus tip i can recommend this cafe on vesterbro, where you can have your daily slice of rye bread. 

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