June 25, 2014

it's been a while, but we are still here. life, you know. we have been working so much lately that we have barely seen each other, Knut and me. we have been taking shifts being at home and literally speaking only met in the doorway for quick kiss a couple of times a day. but being able to write this now must mean that this busy bee periode is over.

we didn't make any posts in may, but over at Lillenord you can read a bit about how our spring month was spent. tomorrow we're going to our second home town, copenhagen, for some chill out time. as usual i have made a list of new places to eat while we are there, and if they turn out good i will tell you all about them later. 


  1. Det glæder jeg mig til at læse om - jeg kunne godt bruge et par nye spisesteder at besøge i løbet af sommeren :) God tur! KH Inger Marie

    1. vi har haft det utrolig godt! god ferie til jer også :-)