April 12, 2014

easter is here! Evald and me loves any occasion which includes decorating. the hens and chicks who have waited in the attic for a whole year are so much fun to take out of their boxes. every year we do some new egg painting. these polish patterns are very beautiful, and i wish i had the patience to do something similar.  but on our pinterest we have collected some easier do-it-your-selfs for this season, and i have decided to try at least one of them. we don't have the fanciest holiday habits, still we do have some traditions that we stick to. one of them is chocolate. chocolate eggs, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, any thing chocolate is fine with us. (actually do the stores sell more candy during april than december). one of our favourite blog friends, Inger Marie from Finurlig has made a post about a very special danish handy craft. you can read about it over at Lillenord. we will be posting every day this week so stay tuned. and if you understand scandinavian you can head over to our nordic site to read about our sponsor Solgard

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