November 19, 2013

we were so happy to receive these Angulus boots. the leather together with the natural rubber soles makes a beautiful shoe. we could even imagine them in grown up sizes. unfortunately Evald didn't agree on that. he hates them. suddenly he has developed strong opinions on what to wear. and he most certainly not wanna be our little doll to dress up. my boy is growing up. feels scary in the same time as it makes me proud. finally he agreed to exchange his boots into these. when it comes to Mikkel we never buy him things without checking with him first. this winter he wants Dr.Martens. suits him just fine we think.


  1. ohh I've been off, I've moved to Germany, so now I've been reading your last post, althought isn't the subject of this post i hope you feel better and life will look a little prettier!

    A big hug from Munich

    1. thank you! and it actually does. we're going to Germany as well! in january we will be staying in Berlin. can't wait :-).

  2. ha ha ha, I can relate to that ;-)