August 08, 2013

in the city loft we have a big and soft Bolia sofa designed for watching television. i never use it. this sixties daybed on the other hand, is my very best furniture friend. you see my guilty pleasure isn't tv, but magazines. my favorites are Kinfolk, the Gentlewoman, Milk Decoration, Apartemento and Frankie. and in this corner i spend as much time as possible searching for inspiration and forgetting about my schedule. even if it's only ten minutes now and then, those minutes fill me up with renewed energy. and where others (like the boys) might prefer loads of pillows, i like to keep it simple and clutter free. we got this sofa second hand, but if money weren't an issue Arne Jacobsen's Mayor sofa also would do. i have a feeling that this wasn't what the ladies over at Nib (Norwegian Interior Blogs) was searching for when they asked for cozy autumn livingrooms in this month's photo challenge. but what is a competitive girl to do? i had to give it a shot, this is our contribution.