August 20, 2013

back to school is a reality and we have some shopping for the boys to do. sweet grandparents gave them new backpacks as a gift (if you are reading this, thank you!), but we still need to get new lunch boxes, rain boots and thermoses. there is a lot of Disney going on in the shops here in trondheim, but luckily there is plenty of autumn colored, simple design to be found at different internet shops. 

from the top left item: Fjällräven backpack, pouch from Fog Linen (over at My Little Delights you can find instructions on how to sew your own), the lunchboxes are from object and use and the boots from norwegian lable Viking.


  1. Nice selection. And thanks for the link! Are you going to post some pics of Ewald's charlotte? I'm pretty curious to learn how the making went...:-)

    1. actually i got i a bit stressed out while making the charlotte and didn't take any pictures (even if i had my camera ready, i needed to focus on the cake making). but i'm getting the charlotte mold and will give a second try. Evald really liked it though, and he says he wants the same next birthday. but i have to improve my skills before blogging about it i think :-). i will mail you and explain how i made it and you can correct me.