July 22, 2013

we never found time to make a vinyl and flea post when we were in denmark. but at least the record we're blogging about today is from a danish band: Quadron. Avalanche is their second album and it's sweet rythms will keep us dancing through these last weeks of vacation. yesterday we had some hours in oslo on our way home and we were happy to learn that the flea marked in birkelunden is open every sunday all year long. this is what we got. some old but unused brushes from the seventies. and almost for free. 

even if we love copenhagen with all of our hearts, the norwegian summer is special too. it is good to be home again. the next couple of days we will be doing absolutely nothing. except maybe scrolling through some blogs, like a cup of jo who has a post about parenting in norway.

top pic: our plants has suffered while we were away, maybe some music will bring them back in shape.

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