June 14, 2013

today i went to pay one last visit to what has been Heidi-Anett's and my studio for the last year. walking through the empty academy i suddenly felt tears in my eyes when i realized that even though i'm so very happy to finally have graduated, i'm gonna miss these old rooms. the energy in there is almost sacred to me and i still remember clearly the first time i sat my feet on art school ground. it's been some amazing years. yesterday Heidi-Anett flew to denmark and her new life. actually at the same time as Knut left for a weekend in bosnia. i'm gonna spend mine with the boys. we'll watch television and make pop corn. leaving the academy behind also means i'll have to buy my own camera. i was really getting used to the canon eos 5D i've been borrowing for a long time. but now i'm not sure what to get. does anyone have a suggestion? maybe it's time to try something new. (like a haircut).