June 11, 2013

this is Sisse. she is one of our closest friends. the kids call her auntie. when we go to copenhagen, she is the one we are spending all of our days with. but this time she came to visit us. we were planning a trip to a cabin in the mountains, but since the weather didn't agree we stayed at home making fresh juices, trying out gazpacho recipes (the perfect one according to our taste was to be found in this book) and in the evenings, amaretto sours on the balcony. yesterday, just before she left for the airport, Sisse and i found the time to have a lunch date at, what national geographic's Andrew Evans claims to be the coziest place in scandinavia, bakklandet skydsstation. simple and delicious spinach soup and red wine was such a perfect end to a long and lazy weekend. now we're missing her and looking forward to seeing her again in our favorite city a month from now.

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