May 20, 2013

we've had some beautiful days. the sun has been shining. people we love have been visiting. summer suddenly came to town, and we've been enjoying some time off. now, after days with eating unhealthy and drinking wine, we feel an urge to make vegtable soups and juices again. and cleaning up the mess after our celebrations actually is kind of fun. the plants has been suffering a bit from our abscence. and our work lays neglected in stacks on the bedroom floor. anyways, we deserved it. relaxed and happy we can get started on planning our summer holidays.


  1. Love these pics, what a beautiful light! Here in Paris it's pouring...

  2. thank you! it is so nice when you're commenting on our posts. actually after a week of sunshine it's pouring down here as well. the good news is I have to get Evald som new rain boots :).