May 10, 2013

a quick update on our plant babies before we head off to the country and an internet free weekend. our tomato plants (top picture) are still looking very small and fragile. maybe we should get one of these mini greenhouses to keep them safe and warm. but the nasturtiums and marigolds are growing bigger for every day now. and the pansies we never really worried about as they can live through even a norwegian spring of sun-snow-sun. today we got our first comment here on the blog. it was from cristina at my little delights and actually made us jump out of joy. blogging is fun! have a nice weekend.


  1. Oh this is nice, thanks! I'm so proud then! I know it's nice when you get some feedback from the people who read you (even though you can see them on the stats)...

    1. So glad to hear. What statistics do you use?