January 19, 2015


as mentioned before, my birthday is coming up. we will celebrate it the same way as we have done the last couple of years: movie night with the boys first and cognac toasting, just Knut and me, after dark. i really have everything i need and more at the moment and don't wish for much. a decadent cake and a bouquet of colorful flowers will make me very happy though. besides, these beautiful objects from my pinterest will also be appreciated.

second hand wooden cloth rack (source unknown)

January 18, 2015


Evald and me want a doggie. unfortunatly the rest of our household doesn't. but! luckily we have the sweetest neighbour who helps us forget our longing from time to time. his name is Håkki. he is a ten months old french bulldog and the funniest of all our four legged friends. a walk in the park has changed completly after he became our companion. now we're hoping that tons of visits from this adorable pup will soften the hearts of Knut and Mikkel. we need more pets! and we need them right now! while we are waiting i'm dreaming about farm life over at Zoo Payne's.

January 12, 2015


with so many people to love and care for in our lives, keeping track of all those birthdays can be a challenge. so i decided that we are in need of a birthday calendar. i've landed on this one. isn't it pretty? you can get it at Greer Chicago.

January 11, 2015


the first normal weekend for a while, and what are we up to? nothing at all, really. the kids are busy with their friends. and we (as in Knut and me) are reading the papers, sipping on coffee and talking. it's freezing outside, but in here it just couldn't be better. we have baked a batch of no knead buns and a couple of sourdough breads for the week to come, and our home smells warm and cozy. we might be adventurers at heart, but right now a couple of months of quiet family life is our only plans. i hope you all have a lovely sunday as well.

my birthday is coming up soon and this is what i wish for.

January 01, 2015



i've been waiting for this year to come. it will be a good one, i can feel it. we celebrated in Sóller, a small town in the northern part of Mallorca, where we stayed at a beautiful hotel and had lot's of food, wine and champagne. at midnight we ate the traditional twelve grapes and toasted with Mikkel at the town plaza while Evald was sleeping safely upstairs in white hotel sheets. today, after omelettes and freshly squeezed orange juice, we drove through the beautiful coastline of this island, walked around in paradise like surrondings,  staring out on breath taking views of the sea. back in our temporary home we digged into spanish goods from the market. sandwiches made from bread, serrano ham, cheese, beef tomatoes and aioli is the new family favorite, and actually i will make one right now. with a glass of cold rosé to flush it down with i might even be able to ignore the everyday life knocking on the front door for the rest of this special day. i wish you all a wonderful new year, and am so much looking forward to share new experiences and moments with you.

i just realized that i need a new calendar!

December 30, 2014


this last day of christmas we are cleaning and tidying. i have an overload of thoughts about my life, both workwise and familywise, running through my head at the moment. there are so many things i want to do! write, build a new kitchen, start a working routine in my studio space, make healthy and tasty dinners, read, hike with the kids through norway's beautiful nature scenaries, spend time with my mother, invite everyone we know over for sunday brunches, start running again, go to bed early and eat breakfast every day. i don't aim to be a perfect version of myself, but to fill my days with meaning. 2014 has been a crazy year in many ways, and now i'm looking forward to the new start that tomorrow brings. i will dedicate 2015 to creativity of all kinds. creativity and love...

top photo to the left: these ornaments from Pi Bjørg Ceramics had to come with us to Mallorca.
top photo to the right: homemade gifts make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. my talented friend Sisse has knitted these potholders for us. aren't they just perfect with their thin, green leather loops?
in the middle: Knut gave me the Fine Little Day Book for christmas and it is amazing! i love Elisabeth Dunker's approach to creating designs and have been following her blog since she started it many years ago.

December 28, 2014


i don't really care for the whole mindfulness practice. i'm terrible at meditating, staying in the moment, being present and all that. but right here, on a winter closed resort, watching the sunset with my family, i finally did it. i was there, i thought of nothing else and it was wonderful. i guess i should be spending my money on travels instead of breathing classes. one of my new year's resolutions is to start doing yoga though. so much for being consequent.